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"You never know what this dance is bringing someone through"
Kristi Copez
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Welcome to The Smooth Cha Cha's!

Our love of Detroit-Style Ballroom Dance and the Dance community is what motivates us!

We are committed to instructing quality Urban/Club style Ballroom Dance, promoting the etiquette of the Dance & doing our part to support the Dance Community at large. We love to showcase the Dance in order to expose as many as possible to 'Ballroom'.

We are humbled by the amazing show of love & support demonstrated toward us from the "Ballroom" community!

Statement of Purpose:
We are Urban/Club/Detroit-Style Ballroom Instructors, with a
Passion for the Dance, the Community &  our Students.
Committed to Building Confidence, Practicing Etiquette & Fostering a FUN, Safe Social Atmosphere for All!
The Smooth Cha Cha's
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